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Where Artistry Meets Innovation in Surface Pattern Design

At Walker & Bing, we create designs by crafting a narrative through our art. We redefine the essence of design by blending a myriad of artistic techniques including painting, ink work, print-making, and drawing. This results in each design showcasing original artwork, rich in authentic and complex character.

What we offer

Custom Design Services

Personalise your vision with our bespoke design service. Collaborate seamlessly to weave shapes, colors, and textures into a personalised masterpiece that echoes your unique aesthetic and needs.

Artistic Discovery Sessions

Uncover the artistry of Walker & Bing through our Artistic Discovery Sessions. Immerse yourself in two decades of expertise in Textile Design, Fashion, Fine Arts, and interior aesthetics. Our sessions provide insights and guidance to enhance your creative journey.

Explore Our Catalogue

Dive into a world of design possibilities with Walker & Bing's rich and diverse catalog. Let us guide you in discovering the perfect design, pattern, and direction through our inspirational collections. Elevate your artistic journey with our curated selections.

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Selected Projects

Collaboration with Laing Home

Laing's first print release sees a collaboration with Walker & Bing. An ode to balmy summer evenings abroad, the timeless range has a resort-like feel, without an exact location. The inspiration? “Bali meets Santorini”. This print design is an abstract, bold collage.

Juliette Hogan - Print

Saddle & Canter - Print